Being an effective leader is about providing support, structure, and connections for your team. This piece is a physical interpretation of those qualities. Guests were invited to navigate and dwell in this sensorial passage to reflect on their experiences as a leader at the 2018 Leading Experience conference.



We began the conversation with AP Events team to create an engaging space for attendees of the leadership conference to be able to sit and relax in the lobby area of the conference.

Then, the PXD team brainstormed ideas based on the conference. We created mockups in CAD, physical sketches, and physical lo fidelity prototypes using string, dowels, and other scrap pieces we had lying around the shop.



The Physical Experience Design team worked to create an extremely lightweight and modular installation that worked with the overall theme and tone of the conference. Our solution was to use wooden dowels in which we strung paracord through eye screws to create a dynamic visual in an otherwise static space. The installation was prepared beforehand and assembled at the conference location. When packed, the entire piece could fit into the trunk of a car, yet when assembled, created an amazing flow that changed the feel and flow of the entire hallway.

To create a cohesive visual language throughout the space, we also created a structural framework around the sponsorship booths. This created a fun platform for the sponsors and tied the entire space together.

LX2018 1-Side.jpg