Design Culture Installation

What will design be in 5 years? This installation revolved around this central question to get people to start thinking about the potential for design in the future. There was a need for a more engaging way to show up at design recruiting events to attract potential talent. We saw an opportunity to show our strong design culture through a physical installation.


Digital screens embedded in the installation showcased interviews of Capital One designers and leaders. This installation inspired dialogue among guests and created a unique platform for recruiters & ambassadors to connect with guests. Guests could also engage by tweeting their response. To accommodate smaller recruiting events we designed a tabletop version of the larger installation.





The first showing of the Design Culture Installation was at UX Week 2017. Installation time was 20 minutes, marking a success for our 'easily installed' objective. Guests explored the piece walking around both sides and engaging with video content. Based on learnings from the first install, for the second launch at the Service Experience Conference a month later, we created a stage visual that the MC could speak to so guests were grounded on the experience. We also tested content with subtitles instead of audio (as events get loud) and embedded a camera in the piece to capture metrics around engagement based on crowd flow and facial expressions.


Mini DCI

To accommodate smaller recruiting events we designed a tabletop version of the larger installation. Since this is a partner piece to the larger installation, we knew the form and content needed to speak the same language as the previous version. We developed form studies and scaled mockups. After solidifying a concept, we created the fabrication plan and shipping options. Since the tabletop piece is meant to be easily deployable and packable, we also designed an instruction manual so that anyone can set up at recruiting events. This piece launched in December at DesignOps '17 with multiple deployments since.



Designed to meet a range of events, we crafted three separate reconfigurable cubes. These configurations were designed for various tabletop deployments that have impact in the round or against a wall.



Embedded screens featured dynamic Capital One branding, Interviews with designers from the company, and high level descriptions of design roles intended to facilitate recruiting.



Developed with consideration to the larger scale DCI, these graphics have been altered to fit the form of the cubes. With the addition of mirrors to the top and bottom of the inside of the cubes these graphics play with perception creating an "infinity box."