People + Money ‘18

People + Money is a series of talks celebrating design and research. We spotlighted three customer stories through immersive physical installations, a first for PAM. Guests were invited to connect to the key emotional feelings customers experience on their journey with money. Our intention was to reinforce the idea that everyone’s relationship with money is different and we (as Capital One associates) need to meet customers wherever they are on their journey.


The Experience

Our goal is for associates to experience the stories on a visceral level. There is a quote that sums up the power of this approach “Tell me I’ll forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will understand”. The installations are designed to be approachable so guests feel free to explore at their own pace.


Story One

Having a plan to save money for the future can be confusing, hazy, and at times lonely. Expenses pile up, and it may not be obvious how to move forward. We emulated this feeling by having guests physically move through a maze of fabric, which can feel like you’re lost. We wanted to show how Capital One can provide the tools that bring a path forward, into focus. This formulation of better financial habits is represented as graphics align and become legible the closer you get to the end of the Maze.


Story two

Growing a small business isn't easy, and any way to connect and find support is the key to thriving. These benches piece together to tell a story of individuals working together to build a community. As people sit and converse, they add to that narrative. Minimal DC metro graphics act as a key for connecting the physical benches but also allegorically depicting another public space where communities are moving in all different directions, together.

Second Pass - GOOD20-2.jpg

Story three

Overwhelming text stacks to create a "mountain of debt" inside an silhouette of a house turned on its side. This installation creates an ominous presence intended to feel sharp and looming. Following the text up and around, it eventually leads the viewer back towards the exit, or “out of an all encompassing debt”. We wanted to show that being stuck in debt defines a situation, not the value of a person. Our customers deal with a lot in their day to day lives and unforeseen events create moments of extreme need that Capital One can address.